The 10 best movie moments of 2019, ranked


Every year is a good year in film if you watch enough films, and 2019 is no exception. We rank the 10 best movie moments of the year.

It was hard to narrow down the year’s best movie moments to just 10, with the opening dance sequence in Gaspar Noe’s Climax receiving a high honorable mention, along with the haunting closing shot of Celine Sciamma’s Portrait of a Lady on Fire.

And of course, there’s no forgetting that way back in January, in the time of the dueling Fyre Fest documentaries, that Netflix came out on top with this unforgettable moment.

As it turns out, 2019 had an impressive number of musical moments, which you’ll see in our full countdown below of the best movie moments of the year.

10. ‘Crocodile Rock’ from ‘Rocketman’

The Elton John biopic, starring Taron Edgerton as the one-of-a-kind superstar, is a fantastical musical celebrating the life and legacy of the beloved musician, and is unfortunately, getting less awards attention due to fatigue from having the unfortunate Bohemian Rhapsody thrust upon us last year.

However, Rocketman is a far cry from that disaster of a movie, as it boasts actually wonderful, honestly felt performances and a whimsical integration of Elton John’s best hits across the movie’s biopic narrative.

Among the best moments is Elton John’s performance of “Crocodile Rock” at the Troubadour, which illustrates the euphoric transcendence of what it must’ve been like seeing someone like him perform for the first time.

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