The 10 best movie moments of 2019, ranked

9. ‘Booksmart’ party argument

While Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut boasts countless hilarious moments, its best moment actually comes during the movie’s emotional apex when our two best friends, Molly and Amy, erupt into a passionate argument during the first and only party of their high school careers.

Preceding the fight is a beautiful underwater scene set to Perfume Genius’ “Slip Away,” which then segues into Amy wandering the party looking for her counterpart. Once the misunderstanding escalates into the full-blown shouting match, the sound cleverly fades away as the camera swivels between these two characters.

At this point, the argument is only for them to hear. It would be too painful for us to eavesdrop anyway, after having spent the movie relishing in their seemingly unflappable friendship.

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