The 10 best movie moments of 2019, ranked

8. Jennifer Lopez’s pole dance in ‘Hustlers’

Jennifer Lopez throughout the entirety of Lorene Scafaria’s Hustlers is a powerhouse of bravado, sisterhood and vulnerable realness. As such, she gets a exhilarating and perfectly fitting introduction to her character, Ramona, pole-dancing to Fiona Apple’s “Criminal.” Her moves are wild, but even wilder is the absolute presence she projects through the screen. Jennifer Lopez is a bonafide movie star, and it’s thrilling to see her given the chance to chew up such a juicy role.

Perhaps best of all, is how this scene ends: a hard cut from her final dance move to her relishing a cigarette on the rooftop of the club, adorned in a luxurious fur coat. Fewer cinematic images this year have stuck in my head as much as this one.

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