The 10 best movie moments of 2019, ranked

4. Red’s speech from ‘Us’

When the spooky, red jumpsuit-wearing doppelgänger family of the Wilsons barges into their summer home, it’s a nerve-rattling sequence that concludes with them being rounded up to sit across from the fireplace and the family that is a twisted version of themselves.

Up to this point, they’re all silent, only making grunts here and there. Until the leader, Red, finally speaks. Played by the enigmatic and brilliant Lupita Nyong’o, she speaks with an indescribable and unnerving affectation in her voice that she herself came up with; all that was written in the script was Red speaks in a voice that sounds like it has never been used before.

The face on Nyong’o, tears silently streaming down her face as she delivers the monologue, is one of the most singularly striking images you’ll see this year.

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