The 9 dumbest Pokémon that serve no purpose at all


Everyone makes fun of Grimer and Trubbish for being silly, but these nine Pokémon are truly the worst Pokémon ever created.

We all have been fooled by that NPC in the Pokémon Center: $500 for a Pokémon? Sure, that sounds like it saves you a bit of time, so why not?

Then, you brought Magikarp out to battle, only to realize it was perhaps one of the worst Pokémon out there. It can’t even attack? Why would someone even play with a Pokémon like this? Although it may seem like the worst Pokémon, I promise you that there are plenty worse Pokémon out there. Here are the nine most horrible Pokémon that serve no purpose in the series and never should have been included.

1. Feebas

pokemon feebas

Pretty much a Magikarp clone, Feebas is only worse because of how damn hard it is to find. In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, it can only be found on six randomly generated tiles on Route 119, and even if you do happen to find one of the correct tiles out of the 436 water blocks, it only has an encounter rate of 50%, which is just cruel. It can easily take hours, or even days, just to find one Feebas. If you miss it or kill it, good luck, because you’ll be back on the grind to find this useless Pokémon!

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