‘Animorphs’ film adaptation on the way from Scholastic entertainment


Popular YA sci-fi series and unofficial winner of most mesmerizing book covers at your local Scholastic book fair Animorphs is being adapted to film!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, who first reported the news, Scholastic — the publisher of the Animorphs book series — is partnering with Erik Feig and his Picturestart banner for the first feature film based on K.A. Applegate’s popular YA sci-fi series.

“We couldn’t be more excited to work with Scholastic to adapt Animorphs, an iconic book series with a wildly unique combination of exciting, witty, outlandish and grounded elements that feel all too relevant for our times,” said producer Erik Feig. “We know these books have a deservedly deep bench of passionate fans — ourselves included — and we hope to make Katherine Applegate and her co-author, Michael Grant, proud as we bring Jake, Marco, Cassie, Rachel, and Tobias to life for a new generation.”

The main plot of Animorphs follows five teens — Jake, Marco, Cassie, Rachel, and Tobias — who are granted the ability to morph into any animal they touch. They use these powers to fight a secret alien invasion of Earth.

“The central themes of Animorphs have resonated strongly with kids for more than two decades, and the time is right for a feature film that takes this captivating sci-fi adventure to another level for audiences today,” said Scholastic’s Lucchese. “Picturestart has an incredible track record of success, and Erik and his team are the perfect partners to help bring this exciting new series based on the adventure-packed books to movie screens.”

The Animorphs series produced 54 books (and 10 companion books) and dealt with the horrors of war and the relationship between of morality and heroism. It has sold more than 35 million copies, with the original run occurring from 1996 to 2001.

In addition to the film, Scholastic also has plans to launch a graphic novel adaptation of the Animorphs series with Eisner-Award nominee Chris Gine adapting the first novel.

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