‘Artemis Fowl’ movie adaptation sets premiere date at Disney+


Rejoice, Artemis Fowl fans! The long-awaited Artemis Fowl movie adaptation has finally set a release date on the streaming service Disney+!

According to a Thursday, April 16 press release sent out by Disney, the upcoming adaptation of author Eoin Colfer’s best selling book Artemis Fowl will officially be available to stream via Disney+ beginning Friday, June 12.

In addition to finally announcing a release date for the long awaited adaptation of Artemis Fowl, the studio also unveiled a brand new TV spot for fans to explore the new adaptation into while they wait for the feature film to debut on the streaming service.

Check out the new action packed teaser below!

Based on the first in Eoin Colfer’s best-selling series of books, the film focuses on the titular Artemis Fowl — a 12-year-old genius who also comes from a long line of criminal masterminds.

When his father gets kidnapped, Artemis’ only hope in paying the ransom lies in infiltrating the ancient, underground civilization of the fairies to track down a powerful magical device called the Aculos. Doing so won’t be easy though– especially not after Artemis finds himself locked in a war of wits against the fairies themselves.

The Kenneth Branagh directed adaptation was originally scheduled to be released in theaters nationwide on May 29. However, the current coronavirus pandemic changed that — just as it didfor fellow Disney titles such as the live-action Mulan, Jungle Cruise, and Marvel’s Black Widow.

On April 3, Disney announced that rather than rescheduling the adaptation’s theatrical release, they instead planned to send the film directly to their streaming platform, Disney+. However, when that was announced, the studio had not yet given the release date for the film — it’s only now that the studio has officially set a release date for the fantasy film.

Artemis Fowl debuts on Disney+ on June 12.

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