‘Batwoman’ season 1, episode 6 review: We’re all a bit mad, aren’t we?


On Batwoman season 1, episode 6, Sophie’s is onto Kate’s secret identity as Batwoman, coming clean about her knowledge at the beginning of the episode, putting her in harm’s way. Meanwhile, Alice secures a very destructive weapon.

Batwoman season 1, episode 6 is another quite impressive episode, building on the political and social climate of Gotham and proving the city is more desperate (and grateful) for the Bat’s help than previously believed. Out of all of the characters, I’d say this episode was the strongest we’d ever seen them, except for Alice, which I was very disappointed by.

It’s a well-written exploration of many of the characters we haven’t seen enough from, like Luke Fox, that provides the story to end the one-note feeling that they’ve been stuck in during the first five episodes.

Batwoman season 1 episode 6

‘Batwoman’ season 1, episode 6 review

From many aspects, this episode is my favorite of the series so far. Somehow, the writers found a way to push forward and be just as entertaining after Batwoman season 1, episode 5 and the focus on Alice’s backstory.

But, from other aspects, this episode drove me crazy. Well, one aspect, and his name is Mouse. While Alice is arguably one of the best characters/villains in the Arrow-verse, Mouse is already one of the worst, and I’m really not looking forward to see more focus on him, especially if it involves more skin suits.

Batwoman season 1 episode 6

Kate and Sophie

While this wasn’t the episode that dived into Kate and Sophie’s past together and Sophie’s point of view on their relationship, it seems like this was the set-up for that story to occur on the next episode. Sophie’s eagerness to “protect” Kate by revealing her secrets is already driving me crazy, and I do not trust her with knowing Kate is Batwoman because, like Mary said, telling secrets seems to be her thing.

I want to see more from Sophie, and Batwoman season 1, episode 6 made it clear that there’s so much more to the story than what we’ve been told. Sophie was clearly pained by what Mary was saying about her, and I wish she had been able to dive into it with Mary, but writers love making us wait. Until next week, my friends.

I really loved Kate’s story this week. Seeing her in the Batwoman suit for most of the episode, and working closely with Luke to stop the Executioner, was incredible and gave us a bit more insight into who Kate is and who she’s going to be as Gotham’s new hero. She’s honing her skills nicely and stepping up to be the hero Gotham needs, and while it’s a bit annoying to see her lack of understanding of the suit’s capabilities each week, she should definitely be coming to the end of her learning curve.

Jacob and Luke

Well, Luke’s story took an enormous turn from his comic book counterpart’s. The death of his father, Lucius Fox, changes absolutely everything, and really puts a different spin on what the series can do with him. His relationship with his father is such a large part of the story in the comics, but that’s going to be completely absent as Lucius is dead and Luke doesn’t remember his late father fondly.

As for Jacob, it was time we saw something new from him. Jacob Kane has come across as a very one-note character so far, but Batwoman season 1, episode 6 changes everything and showcases the many layers driving his every decision since Beth disappeared. The scene between Batwoman and Jacob is my favorite between Kate and Jacob. Using her mask to finally have a real conversation with her father gave Kate the upper hand, and she learned quite a lot, enough to begin to put their relationship back together.

Alice and Mouse

I truly cannot believe the arrogance Mouse has. Guilting Alice for, sometimes, choosing Kate over him and acting like he’s the savior of her life is beyond infuriating. Mouse is literally the reason Beth was taken and held captive in the first place, so where does he get off? I don’t give a shit if he eventually killed his father to save Alice; the fact is, Alice owes him absolutely nothing.

The tension between Kate and Mouse, even though they’ve yet to officially meet, is already tiresome. Mouse sees himself as Alice’s savior and brother, and holds this hatred for Kate, which is obviously ridiculous. I don’t like who Alice is around Mouse. Alice is supposed to be maniacal and out of control, and despite never seeming like she’s in control, she always is. With Mouse, it becomes too obvious how hard she’s working to stay in control, and the dynamic really killed everything Alice brings to the show with this one episode alone.

In short, I’m ready for Mouse to go.

‘Batwoman’ season 1, episode 6 final thoughts

Batwoman season 1, episode 6 had my favorite moments for Kate, Jacob, and Luke, but clearly ruined my total enjoyment of Alice and her story. Seeing more of Kate roaming Gotham in her suit is needed, especially as a new hero, because we’ve mostly seen Kate focus on Alice so far. We need to see Batwoman’s role in Gotham explored, and see how Kate handles situations with other villains that aren’t, you know, her twin sister.

As for Mary, I really appreciate how much she clearly loves Kate, and her conversation with Sophie was much-needed and very on brand for Mary. “Is that, like, your thing?” Iconic. Mary Hamilton deserves better than her family, and each passing episode proves she’s one of the top heroes in Gotham, even though she doesn’t run around town in a suit. Her personality and attitude is everything a hero should be, and she’s doing her part to save Gotham.

Each passing episode impresses me, and despite the let down of Alice, I really think this was a great follow-up to Alice’s backstory episode, which is going to arguably be their best episode of the season. Bring on more of Batwoman!

Batwoman airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW!

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