‘Black Beauty’ is galloping onto Disney+


The classic novel Black Beauty has been adapted again and is coming to Disney+, with Kate Winslet lending her voice to the title character.

Disney+ has announced that a contemporary adaptation of Anna Sewell’s classic 19th century novel, Black Beauty will premiere on the streaming service later this year. Black Beauty is a wild mustang born free in the American west. When she is captured and taken away from family, her story intertwines with that of 17-year old Jo Green, similarly grieving over the loss of her parents. The two slowly develop a bond that is built on love, respect and mutual healing.

Black Beauty features Oscar winner Kate Winslet as the voice of Black Beauty and stars Mackenzie Foy (Interstellar) as Jo Green; Iain Glen (Game of Thrones) as John Manly; and Claire Forlani (Meet Joe Black) as Mrs. Winthorp.

It is very exciting seeing a cast of this caliber given that the Warner Bros. 1994 adaptation was absolutely packed with top notch actors. A few of those names include Alan Cumming as Black Beauty’s voice, Sean Bean, David Thewlis, and Jim Carter.

A welcome change to this adaptation is making the character of Black Beauty and Jo both female. In the book and the 1994 film version both were male. This is a very small step into bringing more roles to those of other genders, when gender has no merit on the lesson of the story being told.

Black Beauty is directed by Ashley Avis, who also wrote the screenplay and it is produced by Constantin Film and JB Pictures.

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