Something nefarious is happening at the North Pole in Netflix’s ‘The Christmas Chronicles 2’


Santa can never seem to catch a break these days! Can he save Christmas again in The Christmas Chronicles 2?

Netflix is bringing another batch of holiday originals to your homes this holiday season, but the most anticipated is sequel to last year’s hit The Christmas Chronicles.

The sequel again stars Kurt Russell as Santa Claus and Goldie Hawn as Mrs. Claus going about their normal holiday business in the North Pole. The film picks up two years after the events of the first Christmas Chronicles.

Kate Pierce is now a teenager and like most teenagers, she wants to challenge everything. We find that Kate if forced to go with her mom and her mom’s new boyfriend, along with his son Jack, on their Christmas vacation in Cancun. Kate decides she is over this new family dynamic and decides to run away on vacation and ends up jingling all the way back to Santa Claus, with Jack in tow.

This is where we get the bulk of the trailer, Kate and Santa’s reunion quickly takes a turn for the worse when they find themselves once again faced with the task of having to save Christmas. This time around, they’ll have to face off against mysterious magical mischief maker who goes by the name of Belsnickel.

This time they aren’t alone in their mission, Mrs. Claus and Jack are ready to get their galoshes dirty to save Christmas from the evil Belsnickel. But this time the team seems to run will have to work much harder as the darkness envelopes the North Pole threatening Christmas forever.

The Christmas Chronicles 2 comes down the Netflix chimney November 25th.

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