Chris Carmack reveals how the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ cast reacted to Justin Chambers’ exit


Everyone, including the cast of Grey’s Antomy according to star Chris Carmack, was affected by the series original cast member Justin Chambers’ exit.

Last week on Grey’s Antomy, Justin Chamber’s character Alex Karev was written off the show after 16 seasons. Because of the actor’s sudden decision to leave the show, the cast and crew were left to find a way to explain his absence.

“[Chambers’] contributions to the story over the years was one that was difficult to say goodbye to,” Carmack explained to People. “The Grey’s community is definitely a family and supportive of one another. There was an emotional fallout amongst cast and crew when we found out.”

In the episode, Grey’s Antomy used a series of flashbacks to show Chamber’s time on the show portraying Alex. Everything he’d gone through with the characters through the years as well as using letters from Alex to the other characters to explain his disappearance.

“It was really kind of beautiful to look back on Alex Karev and his 16 years of life on the show,” Carmack said. “Watching him and Meredith and their first go around, and him and Izzie. How incredible to see a flashback of 16 years ago that was actually shot as part of the television show. It was very tangible and emotional. It wasn’t just a flashback from that episode. Those were scenes that fans had invested in so long ago. To see them all back to back was very powerful.”

It was explained on the show that Alex had left Seattle in order to reunite with Izzie, as well as their two children. He’d learned about the kids when he’d contacted Izzie to help Meredith with her court case but got a lot more than he expected.

Now viewers can only wait and see how Jo, Alex’s wife, will be affected by this. Will she move on from Alex quickly, or will it be a long process for her?

Carmack teased, “I don’t think you can just crush this one-off, it’s tough. She’s a strong cookie. She has a lot to give to the world and the medical community and to the patients at Grey Sloan. I think, as a viewer, she’s going to rise and be okay.”

What did you think about the way Alex was written off ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?

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