David Schwimmer attempts to explain comments on ‘Friends’ diversity after receiving backlash


After an interview in which Schwimmer commented on the lack of diversity on Friends, the actor is having to explain his choice of words!

During the lengthy interview, the The Guardian Schwimmer discussed his life which of course led to a conversation about the show that ultimately shaped his acting career.

The show is still very popular to this day, despite originally airing from 1994-2004. With many fans continuing to stream the show, and new fans still discovering it.

Despite its popularity, the show has faced criticism for some of the storylines which has some people pointing instances of sexism, homophobia, and transphobia.

Schwimmer had responded, “The truth is also that show was groundbreaking in its time for the way in which it handled so casually sex, protected sex, gay marriage and relationships. The pilot of the show was my character’s wife left him for a woman and there was a gay wedding, of my ex and her wife, that I attended.”

He also added, “Maybe there should be an all-black Friends or an all-Asian Friends.”

After seeing this, Living Single actress Erika Alexander tweeted about the situation. Tagging the Friends actor and asking, “r u seriously telling me you’ve never heard of #LivingSingle?”

It seemed like Schwimmer wanted to clarify his earlier statement when he responded with a long note in reply to Alexander’s tweet. Which in part stated that, “I didn’t mean to imply Living Single hadn’t existed or indeed hadn’t come before Friends, which I knew it had.”

He also added, “In any event, if my quote was taken out of context, it’s hardly in my control. I assure you I meant no disrespect.”

What do you think about Schwimmer’s comments on Friends?

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