Disney’s live-action ‘Mulan’ is now available to stream on Disney+


Almost six months after the lavish red carpet premiere for Mulan, it is finally available to watch!

Unfortunately you can’t see the epic in theaters. As the coronavirus pandemic has ravished the United States, Disney had to rethink how to release Mulan to the masses while being socially responsible for the health of the population. Their solution, to release it on Disney+ in the Premier Access category, requires a payment of an additional $30 on top of the monthly fee for the streaming platform.

In theory this is a great solution for families of 3 or more people who would end up spending less than they would getting everyone a movie ticket. A household smaller will need to make the decision to see if it is worth it.

We are here to help you justify whatever decision you make.

So far on Rotten Tomatoes critics are giving the film an 82%, however viewers are pegging it around 46% in the early stages of its release. You can see some of the critic’s reviews by clicking here.

The film is good, but you shouldn’t watch the animated version in advance, because the live-action adaptation will just leave you wanting more. Having removed all of the songs and only leaving music cues of the iconic ballads throughout the film, fans of the original will be craving those songs when hearing the opening chords. It also removes almost all of the comedic moments that people fell in love with. The bumbling trio from the animated film are left only with remnants of their personalities.

The landscape of the film is incredibly beautiful on a whole. The camera finds unique ways to soar through mountains and ancient Chinese villages making you feel how much those fighting for their country yearn to keep the beauty of their home.

When it comes to the fighting in the film it is fairly safe, though it has a PG-13 rating. All of the sword work is fairly bloodless. But those with younger or more sensitive children may have a harder time with how violent parts can be. The choreography of the fights, however, is stunning and it is clear that the stars of the film have a talent that is rare.

Mulan hits Disney+ on Friday, September 4. However, if you don’t want to drop the extra $30 to watch it, Disney says you’ll be able to watch it as part of your regular Disney+ subscription this December.

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