What ‘El Camino’ did and didn’t reveal about the post-‘Breaking Bad’ world


El Camino may not have had all the Breaking Bad cameos you wanted, but it did drop a few big reveals about what happened after “Felina.”

What ‘El Camino’ revealed

Lydia’s not dead (yet)

The last we saw the high-strung Lydia, she tried to arrange Walt’s murder under the guise of offering him a deal. Walt, already aware of her double-cross, survived the attack and informed Lydia that he replaced the sweetener she puts in her tea with ricin. We assumed she died shortly thereafter.

In El Camino, Jesse listens to a news report stating that a woman from Houston was poisoned by Walt and is being investigated for a “possible connection to Walter White’s criminal organization.” The report also states that she’s still alive, though in critical condition and not expected to survive. So, Lydia actually survived the finale of Breaking Bad, but not for very long.

You hate Todd more than you thought you did

We already knew we hated Todd because he was crazy, but now we hate him even more. If you need a reminder, Todd is the one who killed Jesse’s girlfriend on her front doorstep, and threatened to kill her son if Jesse tried to escape. And you better believe Todd would kill an innocent child, given how easily he shot another kid in an earlier episode (see more below).

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In El Camino, Todd’s crazy is on full display once again. He enlists Jesse’s help to dispose of his cleaning lady’s dead body. Apparently, Todd had to strangle her because she found the book where he was hiding his cash, despite the fact she didn’t actually know what it was for or from. You’ve never seen a more tense scene of two grown men talking about pizza.

Drew’s tarantula found a home

After the infamous train heist in season 5 was executed successfully, poor young Drew found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. The same day as the train heist, Drew was innocently riding his bike in the area and captured a tarantula to keep as a pet. Unfortunately for him, he runs into Walt, Jesse, and Todd post-heist. Assuming Drew has an idea what he’s seeing, Todd shoots him, killing him.

Todd later states that he’ll keep the tarantula, and sure enough, he has. Despite a tragic end for Drew, El Camino reveals that the critter has continued to live a seemingly decent life in Todd’s apartment. It has a tank and food, and is still alive by the time Jesse breaks in, so presumably Todd has been taking decent care of it.

Skinny Pete and Badger’s living arrangements

Skinny Pete and Badger live together. Make of that what you will.

Also, Skinny Pete is the mom friend and loves Jesse more than you do.

Jesse’s parents maybe actually care a little bit

The last time we saw Jesse’s parents, it wasn’t a happy affair. After his parents discovered a meth lab in the basement of the house Jesse was living in, they kicked him out and decided to sell it. After spending hundreds of thousands on renovations, they end up selling the house to an anonymous buyer for less than half the price because they tried to sell it out without disclosing there was a meth lab in the basement. Turned out the buyer was Jesse, and it didn’t exactly leave he and his parents on good terms.

We see Jesse’s parents again in El Camino, where they’re on the news urging Jesse to come forward and turn himself in. Jesse later calls them pretending that he wants to meet up, and more or less apologizes for all that’s happened. Despite the rocky relationship we’ve seen on Breaking Bad, Jesse’s parents do seem happy to hear from him. Though their final conversation is bittersweet, it’s as good a farewell as Jesse could hope for.

Jesse’s fate

Of course, the biggest reveal of El Camino is that Jesse does manage to evade capture and death. Back in 2013, Breaking Bad showrunner Vince Gilligan revealed what he thought happened after the credits rolled on “Felina.” He said that he personally feels Jesse got away, changed his name and moved to Alaska. Sure enough, that is indeed what happens. We leave Jesse as he’s starting a new life in Alaska, in a far better state of mind than when we left him in Breaking Bad’s “Felina.”

The beauty of El Camino is that it takes nothing away from the Breaking Bad finale. You could assume Jesse escaped by the way we left him in “Felina,” but El Camino just takes it that one step further by showing you how. It’s a nice addition to the Breaking Bad story, but it isn’t an essential watch that furthers the plot.

Jesse’s fate part 2

In season 5’s “Confessions” of Breaking Bad, Jesse stated that he wanted to move to Alaska. The opening scene of El Camino reveals that idea came from Mike. Before the explosive end, Jesse sought Mike’s advice about what to do when it was all over. At first Mike is reluctant to say anything because “I’m not you,” but after a nudge, he finally says he’d go to Alaska to be able to start fresh.

Contrasting this is Jesse and Walt’s diner scene in El Camino, which takes place sometime in season 2 of Breaking Bad. Walt voluntarily gives his opinion on what Jesse should do with his life, and dismisses Jesse’s own idea of studying sports medicine. For Walt, it’s about being somebody and ‘doing something special,’ a mindset he’s imposing on Jesse.

When all is said and done, Jesse chooses the advice Mike gives him. Despite all Walt and Jesse went though together, it’s clear Walt never really had Jesse’s best interests at heart. For Walt, Jesse was a means to an end. He was part of a business transaction, which is why Walt is adamant Jesse would do great in business. It may have taken time, but eventually Jesse is able to see what’s truly best for himself, and who really had his back.

Although what happens to Jesse may be the biggest reveal, the more important reveal is why he chooses what he does. Jesse never wanted to do something special, and in the end, he takes Jane’s advice: He makes a decision for himself. Jesse doesn’t do what Walt would do, or what Walt thinks is best for him. He takes Mike’s advice because ultimately what Jesse wants most isn’t to ‘be somebody,’ it’s to right his wrongs. Short of being able to do that, he chooses his next best option, which is to just disappear and live the rest of his life in peace.

What ‘El Camino’ did not reveal

Skyler and Walt Jr.’s whereabouts

Instead of making a movie that was all about fan service, El Camino stuck to Jesse’s story. If a character isn’t needed for Jesse’s final escape, then they don’t make an appearance.

With that in mind, neither Skyler nor Walt Jr. make an appearance in El Camino, nor are they even referenced. We may never know what fate befell Skyler, and if she was able to strike a deal with the DEA.

Saul Goodman’s whereabouts

El Camino doesn’t reference Saul either, but if you’re itching to find out what happened, you’re in luck. The Breaking Bad spinoff show Better Call Saul gives you details of Saul’s life before being introduced to Walter White, as well as flash forwards to what happens to him after “Felina.” Season 5 of Better Call Saul is likely to air in 2020. Hint: He gets the life he predicted he would.

Huell’s whereabouts

The fan-favorite character almost seemed like a sure bet for El Camino (the show’s official social media accounts had been mentioning him in the days leading up to the movie’s release, after all), but Huell was nowhere to be found. Is he still in that motel room?!

Thankfully, Huell has had a role in later seasons of Saul, but we only get to see him in the pre-Breaking Bad world.

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