Even more ‘Game of Thrones’ is coming to HBO


Game of Thrones may soon be entering the world of animation.

The rumor mill is spinning after sources heard that HBO is in the early stages of developing an animated series in the world of Game of Thrones.

Speculation has begun as to what audience the show would be aimed toward. Will it be aimed towards adults and be similar to the original series? On the other hand, HBO has an entire kids section in its backlog including the exclusive rights to Sesame Street. They could be hoping to hook their audience in for life by starting them on the Seven Kingdoms fandom young.

The animated series comes on the heels of the announcement made just last week that Dunk and Egg was being developed as a prequel series. This brings the number to 3 new shows in development over at HBO, expanding the the universe that George R. R. Martin originated.

There has been an influx of universe expansion across all of the big franchises over the past few months. Marvel is expanding by launching the first show in its television universe, WandaVision, over on Disney+. It was also announced that the Star Wars universe would be adding several other Disney+ exclusive shows joining the The Mandalorian.

Over at Amazon Prime, a Lord of the Rings series is in development. Then this week it was just announced that HBO was planning a Harry Potter television series.

HBO has not released any details regarding the animated Game of Thrones series.

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