‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is planning a Coronavirus storyline for season 17


Keep your mask at the ready for the 17th season of Grey’s Anatomy‘s Coronavirus storyline!

Fans of the hit ABC hospital drama know that the show has taken on real world issues when they affect the health of a population. Just last season there was an storyline that covered the popularity of teen vaping and the extreme risks that caused so many to get very sick with severe lung illnesses.

In season 17, Grey’s Anatomy is bringing the coronavirus to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. In a statement to Entertainment Weekly executive producer Krista Vernoff says the show has “an opportunity and a responsibility” to explore how the coronavirus pandemic affects frontline healthcare workers. “We’re going to address this pandemic for sure, there’s no way to be a long-running medical show and not do the medical story of our lifetimes.”

The show has a history of meeting with doctors and listening to their stories to help with the show’s medical plot lines. Dealing with COVID-19 is no different. The writers and showrunners have already had meetings with a number of frontline healthcare workers who have been treating patients with coronavirus over the past few months.

In reference to these conversations, Vernoff also said “They are literally shaking and trying not to cry, they’re pale, and they’re talking about it as a war— a war they were not trained for.”

This storyline is going to hit close to home for the majority of viewers since a lot of people know at least one person who has had the virus. The show has never been afraid to get controversial so there is a good chance they will also reference how a health issue as becoming a political hot topic as well.

Given that the pandemic is still at the forefront of all of our minds, like many other series, the 17th season of Grey’s Anatomy has not been able to start filming yet. There is no word as to when the season will premiere.

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