10 Jim GIFs I totally get now that I’ve binged ‘The Office’


So, after hearing that The Office is going to be disappearing from Netflix in the near-ish future, I took the plunge and gave the show a binge watch. I understand SO much more of the internet now, but especially all things Jim Halpert.

What I learned about Jim Halpert from my ‘The Office’ binge-watch

Sometimes Jim Halpert is just plain evil…

I mean, there’s no other explanation. Getting this song stuck in someone’s head is just one notch below humming the small world song. But who is he torturing? I know!

Especially when he’s setting you up for the perfect joke…

But he’s doing it at the most inopportune moment. Damn it, Jim!

But most of the time he’s just looking out for numero uno…

At first meeting, I didn’t think Jim Halpert would turn out to have such textbook introverted qualities. This is why he’s so dreamy to me. Lucky girl, that Pam.

Except when he’s using his powers for good instead of evil…

It’s okay if this one makes you teary. I still can’t think back on this moment when Jim used his pranking genius to give Dwight the best wedding present ever. *breathes through the tears*

Or stepping it up big time for the important people in his life.

Seriously, though. Jim Halpert can diaper anything. Just look at the quality of work he did on Angela’s cat! A baby? No problem at all.

Sometimes he’s funny just for the hell of it…

It was only a matter of time. I mean, with so many pranks, how could he leave this classic out?

And sometimes he just goes along to make sure no one gets hurt…

Even if he does just stay in the car and keep re-iterating what a bad idea this plan is.

(At least, anyone he knows. No one can watch Michael Scott ALL the time).

What was that speed bump in the middle of the highway? Raccoon? Bear? Innocent pedestrian? The world may never know.

But his story was wonderful from the beginning…

Where it all started. Well, maybe not started, but somewhere near the beginning… and before Pam’s mother became a totally different person.

…to its most delightful end.

He’s wearing his costume! And look at that adorable Swee’Pea! (Insert popeye laugh here.) Only The Office fans will know how much progress this truly is for Jim Halpert.

What are your favorite Jim Halpert GIFs and moments on ‘The Office’?

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