The ‘HTGAWM’ mid-season finale left us with these huge questions


The HTGAWM mid-season finale gave us a few answers and left us with a ton of questions.

HTGAWM has always been great at giving us just enough information to keep us wanting more, and the mid-season finale of season 6 was no exception. The episode delivered some huge reveals, while ultimately leaving us with even more mysteries.

Here are a few of our biggest questions from the HTGAWM mid-season finale. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Why did Tegan help Laurel escape?

We couldn’t believe our eyes when Laurel’s face popped up on Michaela’s phone in the HTGAWM mid-season finale, but somehow that wasn’t even Laurel’s biggest surprise of the episode.

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First of all, she confirmed that she was not kidnapped as Frank had thought, but that she purposefully escaped. On top of that, we learned that Tegan was the one who helped her do it! We still don’t know why Tegan helped, or why Laurel would go to her, but we’re guessing it has something to do with her long history with the Castillo family.

Where is Laurel?

htgawm 5x15 season finale, laurel castillo

We’d love to know why, and how, Laurel escaped, but we’re also desperate to know where the heck she is, and if she’s ever coming back to HTGAWM! With Annalise “dead,” and Wes alive, we’re guessing it would be safe for her to return. However, if any of the Castillos are still around, she could still be in danger.

Where did Annalise’s getaway car take her?

I’ll never forgive HTGAWM for not showing us who was driving “Justine’s” getaway car, because not knowing made for some of the most anxiety inducing moments in television history. However, assuming the driver was who they were supposed to be, and assuming they listened to their passenger, Annalise stopped somewhere before she got on that sketchy plane.

Did she go to Bonnie’s to talk to Asher? Did she end up on Gabriel’s doorstep? Was this part of an elaborate scheme to fake her own death? The possibilities are endless, but we absolutely need to know where she went.

Is Annalise dead?

htgawm, annalise keating

We really want to say “hell no” to this one, but we still have to entertain the possibility that Annalise’s funeral is not a ruse. The plane that Annalise was on didn’t look overly steady, so there’s always the chance that she never made it to her getaway destination.


This guy was just one big question mark tacked onto the end of the HTGAWM mid-season finale. How is he alive? Where has he been? Who knew about it? Has his name been cleared? There’s so much that we don’t know and absolutely nothing that we do know, so it’s hard to know which question to ask first!

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Who was at Gabriel’s door in the ‘HTGAWM’ mid-season finale?

how to get away with murder, gabriel maddox

Gabriel had a pretty rough time in the HTGAWM mid-season finale. Frank shook him down hard, and he was left questioning everything without anyone to turn to. For a while, it even looked like Frank might return to finish what he’d started.

That being said, we’re guessing it wasn’t Frank who actually showed up on Gabriel’s doorstep. If it had been, he probably would’ve looked a lot more scared, and a lot less welcoming. The obvious choice would be Asher, since he eventually ends up dead directly outside the door, but there are also some more interesting options.

It could have been Annalise looking for someone to help her fake her death. It might’ve been his own mother with some information from the FBI. It might’ve been Wes! Maybe these two have been working together for the entire season. Why? We have no idea, but it’s probably our favorite theory anyway.

Who killed Asher?

I’m sure plenty of people would’ve liked to kill Asher in the HTGAWM mid-season finale, but who actually did it?

We know that Asher somehow got from Bonnie’s house to the floor of the OG apartment building carrying a fire poker. We also know that there was an earlier incident with Oliver and a fire poker that Asher had a remarkably fast recovery from.

My bet is that Asher simply succumbed to his previous injuries, but that definitely doesn’t answer the question of why he was there. Maybe Frank sent Asher to do his dirty work with Gabriel in exchange for his and everyone’s protection. Perhaps it has something to do with Annalise faking her death. Maybe it’s all of the above!

Who is Tegan representing?

htgawm, tegan price

In one of the HTGAWM season 6 flash forward scenes, Tegan showed up to represent her “client.” Our first guess would be Michaela, since Michaela was calling out for her lawyer and was arrested for Asher’s murder. However, it could really be anyone.

Is Connor okay?

htgawm, connor walsh

Connor seemingly cracked under the pressure of the FBI’s questioning and had a seizure! We still have no idea if he’s okay, so among everything else, that’s a priority going into the rest of HTGAWM season 6.

HTGAWM season 6 returns on Thursday, April 2, for the final six episodes of the series.

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