Jamie Foxx will soon step into the ring as Mike Tyson


A biopic of the infamous boxer, Mike Tyson, is in the works with Jamie Foxx playing the lead role.

Right now we know that the limited series is set to span Mike Tyson’s life as he climbs the ranks as one of the most formidable boxing icons in the ring.

In a statement announcing the project, Tyson said, “I have been looking to tell my story for quite some time. With the recent launch of the Legends Only League and the excitement from fans following my return to the ring, now feels like the perfect moment. I look forward to collaborating with Martin, Antoine, Jamie, and the entire creative team to bring audiences a series that not only captures my professional and personal journey but also inspires and entertains.”

Martin Scorsese will be executive producing the project alongside Foxx who will both star and produce. Alongside Fox and Scorsese as producers will be Antoine Fuqua, who will also direct, as well as Tyson’s Legends Only League.

Unlike previous attempts to tell Tysons story, this one will officially be endorsed by the boxer and will impact just how much of his life will be put on the screen, including how deep they dive into Tysons controversial past.

Even though Tyson has a history with HBO, who aired his one man Broadway show back in 2013. The limited series is currently being shopped around to multiple networks and streamers for a potential home. With that old partnership in mind, a front runner for a home could potentially be HBO Max.

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