‘Jungle Cruise’ trailer highlights the magical journey down the Amazon


The second Jungle Cruise trailer takes Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt deep into the Amazon in search of a magical tree.

The film is based on the popular Disney World ride of the same name, and counts as Disney’s second attempt ito convert a popular theme park ride into a popular film franchise. The first, of course, was Pirates of the Caribbean, a fan-favorite ride that went on to become a billion-dollar grossing film franchise starring Johnny Depp.

Though Jungle Cruise may not have the ready-built swashbuckling appeal that Pirates of the Caribbean did, it more than makes up for it by showing off the sparkling chemistry and charm of Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt, who spend much of the trailer bantering back and forth with one another as they set off on a journey through the Amazon.

This second trailer gives us a better idea of plot of the film, and though is obviously doesn’t take place on the high seas, Jungle Cruise still looks to retain a similar swashbuckling vibe to it that made the previous Disney-theme-park-ride-turned-franchise so successful.

Check out the Jungle Cruise trailer below!

Jungle Cruise will centers on Frank, a riverboat captain, and Lily, a determined explored, on their search tfor a mystical, magical tree with amazing healing powers that’s located somewhere in the Amazon. However, they’ll need to find it before an unnamed villain played by Jesse Plemons gets to it and uses it for villainous ends.

Jungle Cruise stars Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as Frank, the charismatic riverboat captain, and Emily Blunt as explorer Lily Houghton on a research mission. Joining the two will be American Crime Story actor Edgar Ramirez, comedian, Good Omens star Jack Whitehall, Fargo star Jesse Plemons, and Golden Globe award-winning actor Paul Giamatti.

The film is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, best known for 2016’s The Shallows, 2009’s Orphan, and the upcoming DCEU film Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnson as the titular character. It was made on a script written by Glenn Ficarra, who is the executive producer for This Is Us and wrote the film Bad Santa.

Jungle Cruise sails into theaters on July 24.

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