Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff will be a duet in the new movie musical ‘Molly and the Moon’


Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff are merging their musical talents for new original musical!

The project is being described as an original movie musical tiled Molly and the Moon and is being developed by How I Met Your Mother vets Carter Bays and Craig Thomas who will be writing and directing the film.

For the movie musical, Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff, who have previously worked together on the Frozen franchise as Anna and Kristoff, are set to play a couple again, this time they will be singing to their unborn baby instead of an anthropomorphic snowman. It is said that viewers will venture into the womb where the couple’s unborn baby girl reaches for “the moon” through the help of her parents voices.

The concept for Molly and the Moon came from Thomas’s real life experience of he and his wife becoming first time parents to their son Elliot, who was born with Jacobsen Syndrome which resulted in needing to have open heart surgery at 2 weeks old.

“He was having a more mythic, epic journey that I had in my three decades of life, all in his first couple of weeks of life,” Thomas told Deadline in the announcement of the project. “Carter found himself wondering too, what is that little life going through in this plastic box? What is Elliot thinking and feeling as he’s lying there? You hear phrases like, ‘Oh the surgery went well but he’s not out of the woods yet,’ and we would wonder, what are the woods like, and how would you show them? Later, that would inspire elements of Molly and the Moon.”

Currently, there’s no word on when we can expect Molly and the Moon to start production.

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