‘Legacies’ season 2, episode 6 review: Secrets, secrets are no fun


I think we were all ready for Legacies season 2, episode 6. For Freya to make her first (and hopefully not last) appearance on Legacies and for some big plot pieces to start moving forward. And (whoa boy!), did they ever.

After last week’s big reveal about Vardemus and Clark and all that craziness hiding in plain sight, I was so ready for some hard truths to come out. And what better way to get secrets out in the open than a monster who consumes those keeping the biggest secrets? Read on for all my Legacies season 2, episode 6 thoughts and make sure to comment and tell me what you thought of the episode.

Josie visits hallowed Mikaelson ground

So, the raven-haired Saltzman takes a trip to New Orleans in Legacies season 2, episode 6 to get Freya’s help with a spell, but more so to get some motivation to not be selfish. An interesting head-trip for Josie to go down, since she’s usually the selfless twin. This sudden and intense flip of her character’s core being is tough for the Josie-loving part of my heart to accept.

I mean, I get why she’s hesitant. She clearly loves Landon, and this is going to complicate matters for him, but ultimately, wouldn’t having full knowledge of someone and what they mean to everyone around you be better than keeping everyone in the dark? Holding Landon hostage to what he does and doesn’t remember wouldn’t pave an easy path for their relationship to travel, that’s for sure.

Also, who else had some serious The Originals pangs when seeing Cami, Davina, Josh, Jackson and Freya plastered all over the walls of Rousseau’s? I definitely squeaked and covered my mouth at glimpses of all the characters this world has brought us. It also reminded me just how much I NEED Davina, Kol, and/or Marcel to give their niece a visit. Especially now that they remember her existence.

Kym needs to get supernatural because I want her around PERMANENTLY

legacies season 2 episode 6

In classic TVD fashion, as soon as a human wants to see what goes on in the (usually unexhilarating) world of the supernatural, all hell breaks loose. In Legacies season 2, episode 6, that chaos takes the form of a zombie and a Croatoan, but more on their monster selves later.

I am in love with this new character. I want Kym Hawkins to be a frequent visitor to the Salvatore School because she is smart and witty and confident in some truly refreshing ways. She gives Kaleb so much more to do in scenes, especially since he is super protective of her, and clearly wants her to stay human. I never thought Kaleb Hawkins and Elena Gilbert would have something in common, but there you go.

Let’s table this

I love that Hope and Lizzie’s big plan to keep the Malivore puddle hidden from Mystic Falls-ians was to set up a table over it for Commonwealth Day. That alone should have signaled to both of them that the zombie probably didn’t come out of the portal. Someone would have noticed a zombie climbing out from underneath a table. And, I mean, how many monsters have had the Triad symbol carved into their foreheads? I’m pretty sure a practiced witch like Hope should have recognized it for what it was, a spellmark, but instead, she just believes Lizzie when she tells her its a Malivore monster. And I think it should have been an even bigger red flag when the Croatoan showed up, but maybe that’s just me.

Josie gives me a Davina flashback

legacies season 2 episode 6

We knew from the Legacies season 2, episode 6 trailer that Josie was going to use black magic against Freya, but I have to take a second and talk about what she was actually doing in that scene. At first glance, I thought she was just using magic to get Freya off her back so she could get back to Mystic Falls and make up her mind about whether she wanted everyone to permanently remember or forget Hope Mikaelson.

But now, after having seen the episode in its entirety, I think she made her decision to restore Hope’s memory the minute she saw the picture of Hope and Freya smiling together on that wall. I think it reminded Josie that restoring Hope’s memory is about more than just Landon. It reminded Josie that Hope has a family out there, has loved ones who are suddenly missing a very important piece of the Mikaelson family story.

So, I think when we saw black magic throw Freya to the ground, it was Josie’s first time casting the restoring spell. I say this because Freya would have needed the heads up to travel all the way to Mystic Falls to arrive before that epic reunion with Hope in the town square. So, Josie knew what she was doing before she ever stepped foot back in Mystic Falls.

‘Unhand me, you turnips!’

That Sebastian. I like having him around. M.G. and Kaleb hatch an ingenious (if not a little risky) scheme to capture Sebastian, and it works like a charm thanks to the human bait, Kym. The biggest takeaway I have from this scene is that Kym is awesome and I hope they get her into as many episodes of Legacies season 2 as possible. She not only annoys the hell out of Kaleb, which is delightful, but she speaks her mind like nobody’s business. I’m telling you, I want her around ALWAYS. Can we make her a super latent witch whose powers were dormant or something? I need her to move to Mystic Falls ASAP.

Another Alyssa Chang reference!

Now that Alyssa Chang has been cast, I’m more aware than ever that Lizzie is constantly mentioning her. I can’t wait to see what adding Olivia Liang to the cast as Alyssa will do to the character dynamic we’ve been building since season 1. I’m sure she’ll fit right in, since most of our faves know her already, but it’ll be nice to not just use her as a random miscellaneous Salvatore School character that gets mentioned from time to time.

The Croatoan

So, does anyone else remember learning about Roanoke in school? As soon as Kym said the name of the lost colony, I had flashbacks to one of the most enduring unsolved mysteries of American history. From this point on, I knew I was going to love this episode, but little did I know how much I was about to learn about the Croatoan.

We’ll leave his creation and all that for the section about Sebastian below, but I have to say that I really liked the concept of this episode. I love the larger mystery surrounding the Croatoan. I love his whole concept and what it forces our faves to confess. I am really glad this is a part of Legacies season 2, and I can’t wait to see what other monsters they have in store for us after this.

‘I’ll just ask him about ‘Star Wars’ and he’ll talk the whole time’

I need to take a second and just discuss how well Lizzie knows Landon. While she’s definitely not a Jandon shipper, she is so tuned into her sister’s wants and needs that she is paying attention. The second she talked about distracting Landon by asking him questions about Star Wars, I sort of swooned for the observational skills of Lizzie Saltzman.

You know who else Lizzie is not shipping? Hosie. She is so not about Josie and Hope having crushes on each other throughout their childhood. Why is she so against them dating? I’m actually really curious about this because while I see what she has against Landon, I would think that Josie dating Hope would be a step up from Josie’s exes that Lizzie hates, i.e. Penelope Park.

That late ‘TVD’ season Easter Egg

That candle that Lizzie lit to keep Landon safe, wasn’t that the candle that Bonnie used to keep Enzo in the cabin? My heart broke to see it in use again in Legacies season 2, episode 6.

Sebastian’s history

Not only did we learn about the Croatoan, but we learned the how, why, and who of Sebastian’s dessication. Except for how he ended up in the Salvatore School basement, but we won’t worry about that for the time being.

Cassie, Sebastian’s long lost lady love, was a witch. She summoned the Croatoan to distract the Roanoke colony leadership from hunting Sebastian. She wanted the Croatoan to ferret out everyone else’s lies and leave Sebastian alone, but the Croatoan got out of hand and killed everyone in the village.

Cassie dessicated Sebastian to keep him safe (since he was a vamp that nobody knew about, AKA BIG secret stuff), and that left him unable to save her when the Croatoan attacked her. He had to watch her be dissolved in front of his eyes, and then was left to dessicate for a few centuries. As much as I don’t know how to feel about Sebastian in the present, being helpless to save the woman he loved must have been a truly awful thing to endure.

This sheriff is going to be more Matt Donovan than Elizabeth Forbes

legacies season 2 episode 6

Alaric gave this new sheriff a chance to prove she was willing to be in on the secret world of the supernatural, but she failed with flying colors. It seems that he’ll have to keep her in the dark when it comes to all things vampire, werewolf, and witch… and phoenix, too. There are going to be a LOT of animal attacks in her tenure as Mystic Falls’ sheriff, maybe even more than during the Liz Forbes era, and that is saying something.

How cool was that spell?!

So, how awesome was that spell that Josie cast to reinstate Hope into everyone’s memories? I loved how they chose to visualize it, and that the only supernatural creatures that weren’t knocked out were the two who know who Hope Andrea Mikaelson is.

This show has made some incredible choices when it comes to monsters and magic and how to bring them to the screen, and this spell was a big risk. I think it was really cool to see it as a sort of transparent curtain that only affected those that had prior memories of Hope Mikaelson.

Coming clean

legacies season 2 episode 6

This was definitely the episode for hard truths. Hope is remembered, so that starts a whole wrecking ball of secret-sharing. Hope tells Landon that she knows he almost slept with Josie. Lizzie and Josie admit to each other that they both kept the secret of Hope’s truth. M.G. brings Sebastian back to the Salvatore School and comes clean to Lizzie about how she was seeing Sebastian and why everyone can see him now. Oh, and Raf tells Hope (yet again) that he must stay away from her because of his feelings. I really need him to get on the friendship train. These two have epic friendship written all over them. There were probably a few more truths sprinkled in there, but those are the major ones.

Should Hope continue flirting with the Muggles or return to the magical?

So, now that Hope is remembered and things can get back to some semblance of normal, where is Hope going to go to school? She’s made friends and started building a new life at Mystic Falls High, and clearly Leo and Maya aren’t just going to disappear because Hope’s legacy isn’t lost to Malivore anymore. So, is there a case to make for her continuing at Mystic Falls High and maybe building herself a life completely removed from all things supernatural? Or will she re-enroll at the Salvatore School and pick up where she left off?

That Freya hug

Watching Hope get bad news from Raf was rough, considering what she’s lost and gained in the last six episodes, but it was all healed by seeing her reunite with her magical mentor. I don’t know if Freya is going to be appearing in any other episodes anytime soon, but I really wish we could have seen these two get more than a hug. I wanted Freya to talk about how the rest of the family is taking her sudden reemergence into their family memories. Kol, Davina, Rebekah, and Marcel have to have some sort of a reaction to this. But, at least their moment was heartfelt and gratifying. I certainly hope this isn’t the last we see of Aunt Freya.

They’ve got his eye on you

So, now there is a free-moving zombie eyeball just hanging out at the Salvatore School. Random, crazy, and totally weird, I just wonder how long before SOMEONE notices?!?!

And I only have like a hundred different theories about who could be under that red cloak now. The strangest, and least well-conceived is our new sheriff and her kids. They act all normal and human, but who’s to say they aren’t just really good, old supernaturals with an agenda.

What did you think of ‘Legacies’ season 2, episode 6?

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