NBC sets cast for ‘Young Rock’ comedy about Dwayne Johnson’s life


Big Rock, Medium Rock, Little Rock, NBC has cast them all for their upcoming comedy Young Rock.

Young Rock is a new comedy series from NBC telling the story of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s life where Johnson himself is going to serve as an executive producer as well as star in the show.

It will focus on growing up in a strong and resilient family that he has spoken at length about in the past. It will also cover when he played football at the University of Miami and the crazy life that goes along with his professional wrestling days. The sitcom will explore the rollercoaster that shaped Johnson into the man he is today and along with the people that impacted him throughout the years.

Obviously, Johnson can’t play the child version of himself, but we now know who will be playing the larger than life man in each formative stage of his life.

The young Adrian Groulx is set to portray 10 year old Johnson as the “honest, headstrong, impressionable, and bold” kid we have heard about.

Bradley Constant will be the 15 year old Dwayne was like every other teen and “doing his best to fit in as a normal teenager, but puberty has other ideas.”

Lastly, Uli Latukefu will play the college bound Johnson setting out on a full football scholarship to the University of Miami. Though super talented, “he’ll find himself at a crossroads in life after a devastating injury during his freshman year.”

This leaves The Rock himself to fill in his life after the college football years, as of right now we don’t know if he will portray himself in all of the wrestling plots, or if Latukefu will portray him in the early years.

Young Rock is set to debut sometime in 2021 on NBC.

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