New ‘Harry Potter’ coming to HBO Max


It’s official! HBO Max is planning a Harry Potter tv series!

The news comes with a lot of excitement for the fans but very little information to get excited about. What we know so far is that the show is expected to be an exclusive for HBO Max subscription holders.

The announcement came on the heels of WB’s appointing of Tom Ascheim to head up the growth of the Wizarding World franchise. Notably, Ascheim has a solid resume having worked at Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network on young adult television. No doubt he will use his connections when choosing the perfect writer to adapt the iconic series.

Fans have been speculating that a Harry Potter TV show was bound to happen as the franchise hasn’t had any new content to expand its fan base. It is having to compete with other franchises like Marvel and Star Wars that have continued to expand since the final film in the series was released.

Since 2020 was the year that J.K. Rowling lost credibility for expressing her transphobic views, the biggest question is… Will she be involved with any future TV series?

HBO is no stranger to adapting a fantasy series to the small screen, with their major success in adapting the Game of Thrones series. Most book series with an offer at HBO Max should feel very safe in the Home Box Offices hands. In addition they are expanding that world with a plethora of spin off series ideas. No doubt, even if they didn’t adapt the book series, they could expand the Wizarding World with an infinite amount of plot lines that fans would adore to see.

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