‘Next’ premieres tonight on Fox


Will you be watching Next tonight? It will be watching you.

Fox’s new primetime thriller Next premieres tonight and it will have you questioning your own relationship with technology. Check out the trailer below:

Next asks the question, what if an extremely advanced artificial intelligence program became so smart that it could hack the entire technological world? It’s not just your phone or your Alexa speaker, but absolutely anything with an internet connection? It’s a conspiracy theorists favorite topic to bring up whenever a new smart product is released, and it’s the theme of Fox’s new drama thriller.

The show stars John Slattery (Mad Men) as a top Silicon Valley inventor who has developed the next up and coming smart speaker neXt. neXt is so smart it has to find new ways to demonstrate its abilities since you can’t see programming. Immediately Slattery’s character sees his new invention for the extreme danger it is and tries to shut it down. He goes to the FBI Cyber Security and trouble starts to ensue as neXt does everything it can to stop form being destroyed.

Anything with a computer chip is a threat to humanity as neXt protects it self from harm.

Next comes from Manny Coto, the producer of the hit show 24, and is a “ten-episode event series” by Fox.

What does neXt want? Will humanity survive an artificial intelligence of this magnitude?

Check Next out tonight on your local Fox channel.

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