‘Outlander’ author Diana Gabaldon criticized the TV portrayal of an infamous scene


Outlander season 5, episode 6, “Better to Marry Than Burn,” featured an infamous moment from the novels — but the author Diana Gabaldon was less than pleased with how it turned out.

In the Outlander episode, Claire and Jamie were attending a wedding that wasn’t lacking the drama. Claire had to deal with trying to get information out of a man who just wanted to get under her dress, while Jamie was under the stress of fighting with Claire about gambling with her wedding rings.

Everything came together fine, Jamie kept Claire and her rings safe. They even had time for some quick afternoon delight — which is what the author Diana Gabaldon took issue with. The scene didn’t exactly play out very well on camera which she blamed on the bad direction.

“Bad dialogue, bad direction, bad lighting, awkward set. Actors did their level best with what they were given to work with,” Gabaldon tweeted.

She further explained, “I think the writing this season is _very_ good. Just that particular scene didn’t come off well–and I wouldn’t have commented on it, even so, had it not been a scene people were particularly waiting for. It’s what–about 45 seconds?”

Some fans were wondering why the author would be critical of the show at all. After all, Starz does have her on as a consultant for Outlander. Her reasoning was quite simple and logical, “Would y’all trust me when I say it’s good, if I don’t admit when it’s noticeably not?”

What do you think of Diana Gabaldon comments on ‘Outlander’?

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