‘Percy Jackson’ TV series officially in development at Disney+


Good news, Percy Jackson fans! The day you’ve been waiting for is finally here — Disney+ is officially developing a TV series based on the five books of the original series.

The news comes from author Rick Riordan himself, who fans know has been working hard behind the scenes to get a faithful Percy Jackson adaptation.

A Disney+ adaptation of the Percy Jackson series have been rumored since late last year, when author Rick Riordan tweeted that he was in LA working hard to make a TV adaptation of the series a reality.

Uncle Rick didn’t give any more details, though he assured fans that he was working hard.

Then, early yesterday afternoon, Rick Riordan gave the announcement that fans had been waiting for on his Twitter account, saying that a Percy Jackson series was indeed on its way.

In a follow-up to the announcement, Riordan thanked Percy Jackson fans for working hard to champion a faithful on-screen adaptation.

He then stated that though they aren’t able to say too much at this stage, they are very excited about having a faithful adaptation that will follow the storyline of the original five book Percy Jackson series, starting with The Lightning Thief.

Rick Riordan assured fans that he would be involved in person at every step of the way, and ended by saying that there was much more news — and lots of work — on the way!

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