‘Riverdale’ season 4 screener secrets: 6 teases for the season premiere


Riverdale season 4 is finally almost here! Check out these exciting teases for the season 4 premiere.

It’s been a long summer without our favorite Vixens and Bulldogs, but the wait is almost over. It won’t be long until we’re sharing our Wednesday nights with the residents of Riverdale again.

We got to see the Riverdale season 4 premiere, and we can tell you that you’re definitely in for a treat. We can also tell you that you should 100% bring tissues!

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The season 4 premiere is titled “Chapter Fifty-Eight: In Memoriam,” so right there, you know it’s going to be rough. The episode deals with the tragic passing of Luke Perry, and subsequently, Fred Andrews, who was obviously an extremely important member of the Riverdale family.

So, you already know you’re going to be sad, but that’s not all you can expect from the season 4 premiere of Riverdale. Here are a few teases to get you ready for the episode.

We see Hermione Lodge and Hal Cooper in their new ‘Riverdale’ habitats

Hermione Lodge and Hal Cooper were set on very different paths in the Riverdale season 3 finale. Hal was unceremoniously shot in the head by the woman whose crazy schemes he’d been facilitating, and Hermione was dragged off by the authorities, screaming for Veronica to find help.

In the season 4 premiere, we will see each of these characters in their new habitat. Spoiler alert, they look very different from the environments where we’re used to seeing them!

4 ‘Farmies’ make an appearance

riverdale, edgar evernever, alice cooper

Remember when the Farm folk “ascended” at the end of Riverdale season 3? Well, we can now officially tell you that ascension doesn’t take you as far as one might think. We even see four of the allegedly ascended Farmies in the season 4 premiere!

We wish we could tell you where they went, or how they returned, but as of this episode, it still hasn’t been addressed. All we can tell you is that they make an appearance.

Veronica gets a surprise from Hiram

Veronica accomplished a huge power move when she had Hiram Lodge locked up at the end of Riverdale season 3, but unfortunately, when the man owns the local prison, you can’t really expect that he’s going to be getting the justice he deserves.

He has so much freedom that he manages to deliver a huge surprise to Veronica in the first episode of season 4. Sadly, we’re guessing that won’t be the last surprise we get from Hiram this season while he’s locked behind bars.

The Blossoms affect Riverdale in a big way

Since Penelope Blossom revealed herself to be the Gargoyle King before quickly disappearing at the end of season 3, we expected the Blossom family to have a relatively low profile at the beginning of Riverdale season 4. However, that’s simply not the Blossom way, and they still manage to affect the town in a huge way for the July 4th weekend.

Bughead and Varchie will both make you melt

The episode begins with two of the cutest Bughead and Varchie scenes that we’ve gotten, to date, on Riverdale. In spite of everything that happened to them in the season 3 finale, they’re closer than ever.

We have no idea what kind of crazy drama awaits the core four in this upcoming season (other than that ominous spring break flash forward), but it’s nice that they’re starting it off strong, at least! We hope to see many more of these cute moments in future episodes.

Cheryl sets up a future ‘Riverdale’ plot line

Most of the Riverdale season 4 premiere concerns itself with the death of Fred Andrews. He was an extremely valuable member of both the show and the town, and thankfully, he was really given the space and the respect that was merited.

However, that doesn’t mean that all plot was lost in the premiere. The episode does a really good job of paying its respects to Fred while subtly setting up the rest of the season. Cheryl’s newfound friendship with her brother’s corpse definitely needed to be addressed, so Cheryl and Toni are used to introduce some of the upcoming season 4 drama.

You can catch the Riverdale season 4 premiere on the CW on Wednesday, October 9.

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