‘Saved by the Bell’ reboot trailer introduces a new group Bayside students


Slater and Jesse reunite, take us back to Bayside and remind us all how old we are in Peacock’s first teaser for the Saved by the Bell reboot.

The trailer starts off with Mario Lopez’s A.C. Slater and Elizabeth Berkley’s Jesse Spano realizing that their own high school years were nearly 30 years ago.

The Saved by the Bell reboot then introduces us to a brand new cast of Bayside high schoolers, who the current principal describes as being sheltered and clueless.

Check out the trailer for the Saved by the Bell reboot below!

While we don’t see him in the trailer, the show begins with California Governor Zack Morris finding himself in trouble for closing too many low-income high schools.

He proposes that the affected students be sent to the highest-performing schools in the state — including Bayside High. The influx of new students will give the overprivileged Bayside kids a much-needed dose of reality.

The Saved by the Bell reboot stars Josie Totah as series lead, Lexi, a beautiful and sharp-tongued cheerleader who, as the most popular girl at Bayside High, is equal parts admired and feared by her fellow students.

Joining her will be Mitchell Hoog as Zach Morris’ son, Mac Morris, and Belmont Cameli as Jesse Spano’s son, Jamie Spano.

Haskiri Velazquez will play a smart and ambitious sophomore named Daisy, who gets transferred when her low-income school shuts down. Alycia Pascual-Pena plays her best friend Aisha, who shakes things up at Bayside when she decides to try out for the boys football team.

In addition to Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley, Mark Paul-Gosselaar and Tiffani Thiessen will reprise their roles as Zach and Kelly for a few episodes. Paul-Gosselaar, Lopez and Berkley will also serve as producers.

Production on Saved by the Bell was halted due to the coronavirus pandemic just as the show neared completion.

However, according to Entertainment Weekly, Peacock recently expressed confidence that the series could still premiere in 2020.

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