‘Saw’ reboot ‘Spiral’ starring Chris Rock releases first full trailer


Spiral: From the Book of Saw has just released its first trailer, with Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson caught up in another deadly, gory game.

We live in an era of reboots, remakes and revivals, so it’s no big surprise that Saw — one of the most popular and profitable horror franchises of the 2000s — was due to make a comeback.

However, what was a tad bit surprising was the person spearheading the reboot: Chris Rock.

Rock, almost exclusively known for his comedic talents, executive produced the new reboot film Spiral and came up with the idea for the story. He likewise stars in the new Saw reboot film as a detective caught up in trail of grisly murders.

Check out the first trailer and official synopsis below!

A sadistic mastermind unleashes a twisted form of justice in ‘Spiral’, the terrifying new chapter from the book of ‘Saw’. Working in the shadow of an esteemed police veteran, brash Detective Ezekiel “Zeke” Banks and his rookie partner take charge of a grisly investigation into murders that are eerily reminiscent of the city’s gruesome past. Unwittingly entrapped in a deepening mystery, Zeke finds himself at the center of the killer’s morbid game.

Spiral stars Chris Rock as Detective Ezekiel ‘Zeke’ Banks, Max Minghella as his partner William Schenk, Marisol Nichols as Capt. Angie Garza, and Samuel L. Jackson as esteemed police veteran Marcus.

The Saw franchise began with the James Wan directed first film in 2004, which went on to gross over $100 million worldwide on an estimated budget of $1.2 million.

That success led to seven more sequels and when 2017’s final Saw film ended its theatrical run, all eight movies of the Saw franchise had grossed nearly one billion dollars against a combined $77 million budget.

Though Spiral is considered a complete reboot, it does bring back a few Saw franchise veterans, including director Darren Lynn Bousman, who wrote and directed Saw II, Saw III and Saw IV, and screenwriters Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger, who wrote the script for Jigsaw.

Spiral: From the Book of Saw will be released in theaters on May 15.

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