Selena Gomez announces the launch of makeup line Rare Beauty


Selena Gomez is jumping into the beauty world with her own line, Rare Beauty, to encourage others to embrace their unique looks.

The actress/singer took to her Instagram Live to announce Rare Beauty launching, which is expected to hit Sephora stores this summer.

According to Gomez this has been in the words for years behind the scenes explaining, “This is something I started working on two years ago. I found the right partners and the right team…and it’s important to me because I wanted to make a brand where you feel comfortable.”

Going on further to say that, “It’s not just a brand. It’s going to be a lifestyle. I want girls and boys and men and women to feel comfortable.”

An Instagram account was also launched for the brand. Along with a few promotional images to get fans excited for what’s to come. With encouraging quotes “You are Rare,” and “You are not defined by a photo, a like, or a comment.”

A caption on one of the images further explains the mission of the new brand by explaining that, “Our founder @selenagomez believes everyone is unique and rare. But today, too many people feel trapped by unrealistic expectations that are impossible to achieve. @rarebeauty is about accepting who you are – and finding the beauty in your imperfections.”

Gomez also uploaded a video on her own Instagram account that shows some of the behind the scenes action of her playing with products and planning the line with her partners. While she explains the mission of the brand to help others become comfortable with themselves like she is.

She certainly isn’t the first celebrity to create her own beauty brand, so it will be interesting to see if this one is able to stand out from the rest. There’s not much information on what the line will actually look like just yet, but that will likely come closer to the launch of release in stores.

Are you interested in checking out Rare Beauty?

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