‘Sphere’ a novel by Michael Crichton is getting series treatment by HBO


Westworld‘s executive producer Denise Thé is developing a series based on the novel Sphere for HBO.

This isn’t the first time the 1987 novel by Michael Crichton has been adapted for the screen. Back in 1998 a film version of the story starring Dustin Hoffman, Sharon Stone and Samuel L. Jackson was released to skeptical audiences.

With such great source material to pull from, the film suffered from mostly negative reviews, barely breaking even in the box office with the help from international theaters. Most reviews slammed the film for the amount of content that was cut from the novel. Hopefully as a series, the showrunners will be able to include all the subtle details that made the novel so intriguing to read.

Sphere: In the middle of the South Pacific, a thousand feet below the surface, a huge vessel is unearthed. Rushed to the scene is a team of American scientists who descend together into the depths to investigate the astonishing discovery. What they find defies their imaginations and mocks their attempts at logical explanation. It is a spaceship, but apparently it is undamaged by its fall from the sky. And, most startling, it appears to be at least three hundred years old, containing a terrifying and destructive force that must be controlled at all costs.

For Sphere, Thé is set to serve as showrunner, writer, and executive producer. Joining Thé on the project include Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, who will produce via Kilter Films, as well as Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey, who will produce via their Team Downey production banner in association with Warner Bros. Television.

Since it is in early stages of development, there is no word on when Sphere will debut.

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