65 questions we still have after ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’


The historic Skywalker Saga is complete but we definitely still have plenty of Rise of Skywalker questions.

The Rise of Skywalker stormed into theaters, leaving fans by turns awed, disappointed, delighted, confused, and frazzled down to their last Star Wars nerve.

But whatever you felt about the film, The Rise of Skywalker definitely did serious legwork in answering major questions of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Mysteries like Rey’s lineage, the origins of Snoke, and Ben Solo’s debt to the galaxy have been wrapped up to varying degrees of neatness. Even the “will they/won’t they” shipping questions were (largely) resolved.

Still, that doesn’t mean that The Rise of Skywalker didn’t leave us hanging on plenty of important (and okay, some less important) questions when the credits rolled. Here are just a few of them:

A great big list of ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ questions

So about Rey…

  1. Will Rey start training more people in the Force?
  2. Will there be more Jedi?
  3. Will the Jedi Order re-form, or will future Force users be less organized and more informal?
  4. Is Rey going to stay on Tatooine after The Rise of Skywalker?
  5. Or is she just there for a well-deserved but oddly located vacation?
  6. How did she build her lightsaber?
  7. Did she make it out of her staff?
  8. Why is the blade gold?
  9. Will we ever learn more about her parents?
  10. Like, you know, their names?
  11. And who is Rey’s grandmother?
  12. Are we just not supposed to think about the fact that Palpatine had a kid after he got all fried and gross and Emperor-y?
  13. Is Ben Solo a Force ghost now?
  14. What is his legacy going to be in the galaxy?
  15. What are Rey’s feelings about the whole… Kylo/Ben… thing?
  16. Will the Force remain a myth-like mystery in the galaxy, or will it become more accepted?

    Finn and Poe and Rose: We need answers

    the rise of skywalker questions
  17. What was Finn going to tell Rey???
  18. (Why would JJ leave us hanging on that?)
  19. Is Finn force-sensitive?
  20. He totally is, right?
  21. Will Finn actually get to tell Rey this, ever?
  22. If he does, will she train him?
  23. Is there any hope that Finn and Poe might get together?
  24. Or Finn and Rey?
  25. Should we stop focusing on shipping, maybe?
  26. What will Poe do now that the war is over?
  27. Will he go back to running spice?
  28. What does gainful employment even look like in the Galaxy far, far away, anyway?
  29. What will Rose do now that the war is over?
  30. Can she get some well-deserved praise and attention?
  31. Can we please, please get a Rose Tico series on Disney+?

    What about the baddies?

    the rise of skywalker questions
  32. How did Palpatine survive between Revenge of the Sith and The Rise of Skywalker?
  33. Is he really, really, really dead this time?
  34. Who were all those singing dudes in the Exegol?
  35. What was his message at the start of the movie?
  36. How exactly did he create and control Snoke?
  37. Is the Force balanced now that the Sith are destroyed?
  38. Why are the Sith Holocrons suddenly called Wayfinders?
  39. And where did this General Pryde guy come from?

    Politics… and stuff

  40. Will there be another New Republic?
  41. Have people gotten sick of a galaxy-wide government after all this?
  42. How is the galaxy going to cope with the death of billions of beings and the destruction of multiple planets from The Force Awakens through The Rise of Skywalker?
  43. (Or are we not supposed to talk about that?)
  44. Have we really seen the last of planet-killing weapons?
  45. Is hyperspace skipping going to be an actual thing now?
  46. For that matter, what about Force projection and sending things through the Force?
  47. Are the Resistance forces going to disband now?
  48. What about the remnants of the First Order?
  49. Will the kidnapped kids that were forced to become stormtroopers be freed?

    The rest of the gang

  50. Who really is Jannah?
  51. Is Lando her father?
  52. (Will we see them on Disney+?)
  53. Is Jannah also Force-sensitive?
  54. Will Finn try and find his family with her?
  55. How did Zorri and Babu get off Kijimi?
  56. What will they do now that their planet has been destroyed?
  57. Who “owns” C-3PO and R2-D2 now?
  58. What does their future look like?
  59. Where is D-O?
  60. Is talk therapy a thing for droids?
  61. What’s next for Chewbacca after The Rise of Skywalker?
  62. Will he go back to Kashyyyk?
  63. Can someone please make sure he’s doing okay?

    And we just have to ask…

  64. Where is Baby Yoda and IS HE ALIVE AND WELL??
  65. Is this really the end of the Skywalker Saga?

What questions do you have after ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’?

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