‘Supernatural’ trailer offers look at the rest of the final season


The rest of the final season of Supernatural is sure to be action packed and emotional for fans, but with another flashback episode in the mix, Sam and Dean’s brotherly love will only be heightened.

It has been widely known that the final season of the mega hit CW show Supernatural will have a flashback episode to the Winchester boys as kids. Episodes like this have been sprinkled throughout the entire 15 season series and typically taught us things about the brothers and why they act a certain way, usually having the brothers learn something along the way and having an emotional breakthrough by the end of the episode. This season’s episode is bound to be the most emotional one yet.

Watch the trailer below:

In the trailer we see young Sam and Dean, the return of Billie, Jack completing the final ritual in order for him to kill God aka Chuck, and the Winchesters preparing for what will be the most important battle of their lives.

Just last week the cast and crew of the series began filming on what promises to be the emotional series finale in Vancouver. Star Jensen Ackles posted a video on Instagram cluing fans in on just how rough saying goodbye to the series and goodbye to Dean will be.

As we previously reported the final seven episodes will begin to premiere on the CW October 8th and the finale episode will be followed by an hour-long “finale special” titled Supernatural: The Long Road Home on November 19th.

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