Taylor Swift literally transforms into ‘The Man’ for her latest music video


Watch Taylor Swift make a more dramatic transformation than the one she made in Cats in her newest music video, “The Man.”

Fresh off her stint as a sing, dancing, CGI fur-covered feline for the movie CATS, Taylor Swift’s “The Man” provides the pop star with another opportunity to make a dramatic transformation.

Only this time, rather than crawling around all fours and trying to compete for the honor of ascending to the Heaviside Layer as a cat, Taylor Swift is spreading her legs on the subway and popping bottles with models on a yacht as a high powered businessman.

In the video for her poppy feminist anthem “The Man,” Taylor Swift makes a dramatic transformation using makeup and prosthetics and becomes a version of her that gets to act in whatever way without any fear of reprisal or consequence. In short, she becomes a man.

In addition to writing the song, “The Man” is the first music video directed completely by Taylor Swift. The pop star previously co-directed her videos for “You Need to Calm Down” with close friend and YouTuber Todrick Hall, and “ME!” with Drew Kirsch.

The credits likewise make sure to emphasize the video is also written, directed, and owned by Taylor Swift — likely a direct reference to Swift’s ongoing battle with the music manager Scooter Braun.

During a recent YouTube Q&A with fans, the singer was asked what she loved about directing her first music video and she said that she loved “…the months of prep, meetings, location scouting, set design, mood boards, deciding every detail down to the wardrobe each actress/actor wore and working with them on set.”

When asked what was her favorite part of directing the video, Taylor Swift replied “all of it.”

Check out Taylor Swift’s transformation and direction in her video for “The Man” below!

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