‘The Magicians’ will end after the current 5th season at SyFy


The Magicians has officially been cancelled at SyFy. The show’s upcoming season 5 finale will serve as the series finale.

Fans who are concerned that The Magicians will leave them hanging can rest assured that the series’ conclusion will at least offer them some closure. According to Deadline, showrunners and creators John McNamara and Sera Gamble wrote the season 5 finale with the understanding that it may be their last; therefore, the finale can likewise easily double as a series finale.

The fifth season of The Magicians garnering relatively good numbers for a basic cable TV series. However, overall t was still half the viewership the show had delivered in its first two seasons. That, along with the show’s rising costs, combined to influence SyFy’s decision to cancel the show.

Though obviously saddened by the cancellation, the cast and crew weren’t exactly blindsided by the decision.

“Everyone is pretty savvy about how the business works. All the writers, the actors, our whole team. And so coming into this season, everyone was pretty level headed and aware that we had hit a certain point in the lifespan of this kind of show,” showrunner/creator Sera Gamble said in an interview With TV Insider. “And people were really emotional about it, but in many ways, that was because we’ve created a family over the last several years that really wanted to do right by the show. So aside from the musical that came out of John’s moment of denial, we tried not to indulge in any denial about it. We wanted to make sure it was a really satisfying conclusion. And so when [co-showrunner] Henry [Alonso Myers] and I wrote the finale, there really wasn’t a difference in approach to writing it because I honestly never counted on there being another season.”

The Magicians has been a part of our Syfy family for five fantastic seasons,” Syfy added in a statement to Deadline. “As we near the end of this journey, we want to thank John McNamara, Sera Gamble, Henry Alonso Myers, Lev Grossman, and our entire brilliant cast, crew, writers and directors for their beautiful creation. But most of all, we thank the fans for their tremendous support and passion. Because of you, magic will be in our hearts forever.”

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