The best Baby Yoda moments of ‘The Mandalorian’ season 1


The star of The Mandalorian isn’t the titular character. It’s Baby Yoda. Let’s take a look back at his cutest and most badass moments.

Not only was the Disney+ launch a huge success, so too was one of its first original shows. The highly anticipated Star Wars spinoff, The Mandalorian, exploded with success after the very first episode. A large part of that success came from the introduction of a new character: internet dubbed “Baby Yoda.”

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Baby Yoda quickly became a sensation. He’s adorable and super meme-worthy, stealing every scene he’s in. It’s easy to say that every scene he’s in, every moment he has, is one of the best, but we’ve narrowed it down to 11. Here are Baby Yoda’s best moments:

Anytime he walks


Episode: Most of them

This may not exactly be a specific moment, but it’s noteworthy and adorable every time it happens. The Child is often in some variant of a crib, space stroller, or carried in someone’s arms. His legs are too tiny, it’s difficult for him to keep up by walking and he probably gets tired. Whenever he toddles along on his own two feet, it’s super cute and endearing, and it makes you want to scoop him up and cradle him yourself.

When Baby Yoda thought he killed Zero


Chapter 6: The Prisoner

This isn’t so much Baby Yoda’s moment as it is Mando’s, but Baby Yoda’s reaction is priceless enough to justify it on this list. After a game of hide and seek between Zero and Baby Yoda, Zero has the Child cornered and is about to kill him. Baby Yoda begins channeling his Force powers, and sure enough, Zero gets blasted. Shocked by his own power, the baby quizzically looks at his hand as if thinking, “Did I do that?” Of course it turns out he did not in fact do that, and Mando actually shot Zero, but the baby’s reaction is priceless.

Eating a frog whole


Chapter 2: The Child, Chapter 4: Sanctuary

As if using the Force isn’t awesome enough, Baby Yoda also has impressive eating skills. Twice we see that Baby Yoda can swallow a frog whole without even chewing it. The second time he does it, however, the children laugh at him, and shame him into spitting the frog back out. It’s possible we’ll never see him do it again, now that the kids made him feel embarrassed about it.

Must. Follow. Dad.


Chapter 4: Sanctuary

In an attempt to hide from the Guild, Mando lands on Sorgan, a peaceful village where he and his baby will have a chance to relax for a bit. Upon arrival, Mando tells his son to stay on the ship while he goes out to explore. He very pointedly, and repeatedly, tells Baby Yoda to stay put. But at this point, what would the Mandalorian be without his baby? Naturally, Baby Yoda does not do what he’s told, and we’re treated to an adorably funny moment when the ship’s door comes down and Baby Yoda is standing there at his dad’s side. He just loves him so much. Is that a crime?

Rhino-sized Force


Chapter 2: The Child

The Mandalorian wastes no time revealing that Baby Yoda is indeed Force-sensitive, and powerful at that. As early as the second episode, we see the Child use the Force to save Mando. When Mando gets into a fight with a Mud Horn, and is losing, the baby takes matters into his own hands, literally. With much concentration, he manages to lift the rhino-like creature off the ground, giving Mando time to recuperate and ultimately defeat the Mud Horn. The poor baby overexerted himself and has to sleep for a few hours after, but nevertheless, it was an impressive feat for one so young and small.

Nobody hurts Daddy


Chapter 7: The Reckoning

Not only does the Mandalorian protect Baby Yoda, Baby Yoda protects Mando as well. When Mando and Cara Dune are arm-wrestling, the baby misinterprets the situation. He thinks that Cara is hurting Mando. Consequently, the Child starts using the Force to choke Cara to death. Fortunately, Mando is able to convince the baby to stop, and that Cara is a friend. He may be a baby, but he’s clearly not afraid to kill someone for his dad.

Baby Yoda is the captain now


Chapter 7: The Reckoning

While Mando and Cara Dune are discussing Karga’s proposal: Come back to Nevarro to kill the Client and use the Child as bait. Baby Yoda silently pops his head below deck to either eavesdrop on Mando and Cara, or just check that they aren’t paying attention to him. Cara reasonably asks if the baby is all right up top alone, and almost as if on cue, the ship goes haywire. Mando rushes to the cockpit only to find Baby Yoda messing around with the controls.

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It’s unclear whether Baby Yoda was just being his typical childlike self and playing around, or if he was throwing a tantrum at the idea of going back to Navarro. After all, he did start causing this havoc right after Mando confirmed to Cara that, even though he doesn’t want to bring the kid back, he has to. Either way, it was hilarious.

“It’s not a toy”


Chapter 3: The Sin

This bittersweet moment was the beginning of the end for Mando. While transporting Baby Yoda back to the Client, Mando has the baby sitting up front with him. In his bored state, the baby hops out of his space buggy to play with a knob on top of one of the ship’s levers. It’s super cute until Mando crushes the baby’s spirits, taking it away from him claiming, “It’s not a toy.” Utterly dejected, Baby Yoda visibly shrinks into his tiny, oversized robes as Mando puts him back in his crib.

Before you start feeling super depressed, by the end of the episode, Mando realizes how much he loves his new baby. Mando doesn’t just save the Child’s life. In another small but super cute moment, you see Baby Yoda lift his tiny hand into frame in a silent plea. In an equally silent gesture, Mando drops the knob into the baby’s outstretched hand. They are now father and son.



Chapter 7: The Reckoning

Early on in The Mandalorian, all the way back in Chapter 2, Mando gets injured and Baby Yoda reaches out to try and heal him. At the time, Mando didn’t know the baby was Force-Sensitive and brushed his efforts aside. It isn’t until Chapter 7 that we get to see the extent of Baby Yoda’s healing capabilities. To no one’s surprise, they are very strong. When the group is attacked by Mynocks, Karga gets badly injured. Large gashes cover his arm, and worst of all, he’s been poisoned. They’ve no ability to heal him, no antidotes, except up toddles Baby Yoda, arm outstretched. In only the third time this season, we see Baby Yoda use the Force, except this time it’s to heal. It’s a huge moment, and a huge revelation, not just for the characters, but viewers as well.

Pushing all the buttons


Chapter 4: Sanctuary

Once it becomes evident that the Mandalorian cares about the Child and will potentially die for him, it doesn’t take long to establish the type of relationship they have. We may call them father and son, but oftentimes it’s more like a human and their pet cat type of relationship. Baby Yoda knows exactly how to push Mando’s buttons, and that’s by pushing his ship’s buttons. Much to Mando’s annoyance, Baby Yoda can’t help but fiddle with anything in arm’s reach. After being told to stop touching things, Baby Yoda, in a very cat-like manner, stares Mando straight in the helmet and flicks another button. It’s a hilarious way to open the episode, and quickly establishes the exact type of relationship and interactions to expect for the rest of the season.

Burn, baby, burn


Chapter 8: Redemption

To no one’s surprise, Baby Yoda’s most badass moment comes during the season 1 finale of The Mandalorian. The beauty of this finale is that at some point, pretty much everyone had a moment to shine, and that, of course, includes Baby Yoda. Surrounded by Moff Gideon and his troops, Mando and the gang are cornered by a flame trooper who’s about to incinerate them. Cue Baby Yoda’s big moment. In order to give them more time to remove the sewer grate in the back to escape through, Baby Yoda puts his Force power into overdrive. He not only stops the giant ball of flame from killing them, he forces it back, killing the flame trooper. Not bad, for a baby.

Sipping his soup


Chapter 4: Sanctuary

Step aside, Kermit, there’s a new sipping tea meme in town.

When Mando first meets Cara Dune, a misunderstanding results in the two engaging in a brawl. It’s not until their altercation lands them right beside Baby Yoda do they stop fighting. Seemingly unbothered by his dad’s current situation, the Child just stands there, staring, minding his own business, sipping his soup as if nothing is wrong. The image of the baby standing, holding his soup, immediately went viral online, and the meme is still thriving weeks later.

What’s your favorite Baby Yoda moment from ‘The Mandalorian’?

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