The official ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ trailer is here


Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman faces off with Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah in the brand new trailer for Wonder Woman 1984!

Since the coronavirus pandemic pushed Wonder Woman 1984‘s theatrical release from summer to fall, it has become one of DC’s most anticipated blockbusters for the year. Fans have been eagerly awaiting a new trailer, and their patience has finally been rewarded with a new look at our favorite lasso-wielding warrior princess. Did you see how she traveled using her lasso to swing from the lightning?!?

Patty Jenkins has returned to direct the sequel and she had the honor of announcing the new trailer on Saturday during the DC FanDome: Hall of Heroes event. As we see, the sequel picks up several decades after the 2017 original film, bringing Diana from World War I to the Cold War as she faces new threats in the 1980. It also pits Diana against Kristen Wiig’s Barbara Minerva, a.k.a. the Cheetah, her friend-turned-nemesis.

We get the briefest of introductions to the film’s other enemy for Diana: Maxwell Lord played by Pedro Pascal. His introduction leads you to believe he is the one who has helped inspire Barbara to create her Cheetah persona and is basically the grinning human personification of entitlement.

However, for the casual fan the trailer doesn’t explain the return of Chris Pine’s character Steve Trevor, who hasn’t aged in the decades they were apart and was also presumed to be dead. Steve helped Diana acclimate to the world when she left Paradise Island in the first film. That dynamic is flipped in Wonder Woman 1984 as Diana must guide Steve through the ’80s with all of its technological advancements and new fashion trends, like fanny packs and parachute pants. A peak at the hilarious montage of 80’s fashion is just the beginning of Steve adapting to his future.

Movie theaters in American have started to reopen over the past week with crowd restrictions in place. They are doing everything they can to ensure they won’t have to shut down again, but with a film of this caliber on the horizon they will surely announce plans in an attempt to guarantee all those who want to see it opening weekend will have a chance to do so in the theater.

Wonder Woman 1984 is currently scheduled to hit theaters October 2, 2020.

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