The star-studded trailer for Netflix’s ‘The Prom’ debuted today


Dust of your dancing shoes and polish your sequins, the first trailer for The Prom has made its grand entrance!

Welcome to the stage… Meryl Streep! Nicole Kidman! Andrew Rannells! James Corden!

Netflix has debuted the star studded first trailer for The Prom! Streep and Corden play Dee Dee Allen and Barry Glickman— the pair of Broadway stars find themselves in trouble when their self funded and very expensive new Broadway show is a major flop. They join forces fellow New York performers Kidman and Rannells, or Angie and Trent respectively; they all hatch a plan to improve their images and end up finding themselves in a small town in Indiana.

The plan is to help a high schooler who is facing a predicament of her own. All she wants to do is go to prom with her girlfriend, she has the support of the school’s forward thinking principle (Keegan-Michael Key), but head of the PTA (Kerry Washington) is “morally opposed” and has banned her from attending the biggest night.

The Prom is a musical comedy adaptation of the hit Broadway show of the same name. It is being produced and directed by Ryan Murphy as a part of his major deal with Netflix.

The Prom debuts via Netflix and in select theaters on December 11.

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