‘The Terminal List’ starring Chris Pratt lands at Amazon


Chris Pratt will be returning to TV for the first time since his stint as Andy Dwyer on Parks and Rec with Amazon’s The Terminal List.

According to Deadline, to help with authenticity, Chris Pratt and the crew of The Terminal List intend to have veterans and their families as part of multiple aspects of the series production, starting with writing. Half the show’s writing staffers are either veterans themselves or have veterans in their families.

The series was first announced in early February, though at that time no network was attached to it. However, after seeing interest from multiple streamers, it looks like the series will premiere on Amazon.

The Terminal List is a conspiracy thriller that would follow Reece, here played by Chris Pratt, after his entire platoon of Navy SEALs is ambushed during a high-stakes covert mission. After Reece returns home, he must deal with his conflicting memories of the event and question his own culpability. As new evidence comes to light, he discovers that there are dark forces working against him.

Chris Pratt initially obtained the rights to The Terminal List book and brought it to Antoine Fuqua, with whom he worked previously on The Magnificent Seven. The series is currently in development with Pratt set to star and executive produce, along with Fuqua, who will direct the pilot and is likewise an executive producer.

No word yet on when The Terminal List will premiere, or even when it would be able to begin shooting given the state of the industry. The show will mark Chris Pratt’s first major TV role since Parks and Recs ended in 2015.

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