‘Tiger King’ has clawed its way over to Animal Planet


Surviving Joe Exotic is a documentary that will focus on the animals that were held at Exotic’s zoo and how they were relocated.

In the documentary we will hear from rescue leaders, exotic animal experts, and a few of Exotic’s former employees including Gaylynn Eastwood and Saff Saffery, who lost an arm to one of Joe’s tigers. They will dive into the treatment of the animals and what they knew about Exotic’s breeding business.

Most importantly, viewers will follow the journeys of the animals who survived. Two of the featured tigers are Kryxis and Kadira who were littermates under the care of Exotic, and also visually impaired. After being rescued they had their vision restored through surgery.

While documentary will primarily focus on the rescued animals, it will also feature footage from one of the last interviews Joe Exotic gave only 4 months before his arrest on murder-for-hire charges. The interview is from 2018 when Animal Planet was given access to Exotic’s “Greater Wynnewood Zoo” for their Wolves and Warriors documentary.

After the hit Netflix show Tiger King, it will be good to see the focus shift from Joe Exotic himself to that of the animals well-being and the new environments they are able to live the rest of their lives out in. — At least until the multiple fictionalized series that are in the works are released.

Surviving Joe Exotic premieres on Animal Planet Saturday, July 25.

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